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Oh, look, they’re having gay night on Shipwrecked! How hilarious! Everybody careful of them sides splitting, y’hear!

Bum boys. SOOOO funny!

Oh, those kids on Shipwrecked are a regular riot.

Apparently, in ‘honour’ of a new gay Tiger (it’s one of the groups you can belong to… oh, it’s a long – and not very fun – story), the Tigers threw a gay party, where they got to wear skimpy ridiculous clothing and act like gays.

So when’s black night when we put a bone through our noses and nick stuff? And Jew night where we put skull caps on and try and work a great deal on something…? Exactly! 

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The name’s Bond. Bum Us Rotten Please Bond.

Take it all off

And we bring you this picture of Daniel Craig fresh out of the shower in the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace for many reasons.

1). It’s new and you ain’t seen it yet and you deserve nice things.

2). It is a very nice thing.

3). You can now see the trailer for what looks like a very exciting ride.

4). We met him in a one-on-one interview scenario last week and found him to be sexy, charming, tall, funny and with quite a nice trouser lump.

5). We met the director, Mark Forster, and he seemed like a gay.

Oh, that trailer? After the jump…  (more…)

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‘Ooh, Lord, is it four o’clock prompt as you like and we’ve still not had a sing-song from a close family relation of Beyonce?’

Destiny's Sis

Today we will be mostly sing-songing along to ‘I Decided’ by one Solange Knowles, she of sister-of-Beyonce fame. A). because we love it B). because we’re getting to chat to the be-lovely lady tomorrow and so are getting all excited and C). because we’re still on a real Supremes tip ’cause of that V&A exhibition and this reminds us of it and D). because this is not even the Freemasons remix!

After the jump…  (more…)

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Diesel. Going up in our estimations.


Yes, they’re a little American Apparel. And yes, the ‘Diesel’ is a little on the large side. But on the whole (and on the hole, if you think about it) these Diesel panties show a steep improvement for the label that can be a little, well, Italian for some tastes. 

We have also, in a connected story, seen some quite nice shorts from Diesel. On a magazine. Again a bit American Apparelly (only about seven times the price). Anyways, investigate more Diesel pantery over the jump… (more…)

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Oh, look! New Beckham pants pics. Can the bulge get any more ridiculous?

Butter or marge on that?

With balls apparently the size of spacehoppers (funny how they never show up when he’s wearing thin, clingy nylon shorts on the pitch, innit? In those pictures his penage is so puny it doesn’t even lay to one side, but sticks right out in front), new Armani pictures have been released showing Beckham wearing gay pants.

We reckon they’re using that old trick they used to use on underwear models in your mum’s catalogue: wrap their bits in a slice of white bread to remove ‘contouring’. That thin slice of Nimble from this shoot is probably on eBay right now, if we know those gay stylists and their pranks.

Anyways, jump the jump and see another shot… (more…)

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How retarded do the people behind X Factor really think we are?

Wy aye lad

Retarded enough to think that we believe every stupid story about the judges bickering behind the scenes, evidently. It’s a yearly event: before the show has started, as part of their marketing campaign to get us interested, the judges are routinely ‘at each other’s throats’. ‘According to sources’. For ‘sources’ read ‘the X Factor press office work experience’.

There’s usually a misogynist spin to the whole thing (because women really don’t like each other and can’t wait to put each other down at every opportunity), which this year is taking the form of the tension between Dannii and Cheryl off-of Girls Aloud already reaching a ‘dangerous level’. 

Simon is apparently smitten with Cherly and is calling her the new Cilla Black (what, deluded and can’t speak properly?) and Dannii is feeling ‘increasingly isolated’.

*Stifles yawn. Goes back to videos of kittens*

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Eight whole seconds of beyond cuteness.


:-) (more…)

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Spain won the football. Hooray. So let’s look at Ronaldo in his pants. He’s a footballer too, see.

Ditch the shorts.

Rear view, after the jump… (more…)

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