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Emmy from the Block

Monday (yes, even though it’s Tuesday – we had a technical hitch! Get over it already! God, some people! etc)

Tonight the Fag Hag is getting herself all trussed up like a nicely turned-out turkey to attend the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London’s glittering… tent.

In fairness, said tent is a very big, very posh white tent, in a very nice part of London, but as I’m still Emmy from the block, I feel it’s important to tell it like it is… 

So, off I will be trotting in my gold slingbacks and dress so tight it inspired Fag Hag mother to come over all Joan Crawford with Tina darling and comment, ‘Well, what can I say? It certainly shows off your assets.’ 

But I promise to check in tomorrow (that’s later on today, reader!) once my hangover has passed and the canape-serving boys painted silver and wearing promotional thongs have been booted out and paid handsomely for their troubles.

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