Mirror, mirror on the wall… who the fuck’s that staring back at me ’cause it sure as hell ain’t Sarah Jessica Parker!

SJP. Or is it?

Hello. We love photoshop, we do. So too do the ladies off-of SATC and Marie Claire. The thoughts of MC’s readers are not known, though the marketing department of said MC will be studying closely which of the four following covers sells the most. For not only does having four alternative covers for the June ish of Marie Claire – one with each of the SATC stars – make for democratic magazinery, it’s also nice market research. Whatever that means. We just like the way a glossy cover feels against our skin.

Check out the other photoshopped-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives covers after the break… Fun.

Kristin. The 'conservative' one. Lezzer. Our idol.

Note the abundance of floral.

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