Chadley White! On a beach! In trunks!

Innee dreamy though?

Now, we won’t hear a word against gay-friendly straight supermodel Chadley White and we won’t have anyone who has got a word against him in the house. He’s charming, intelligent and fills out a pair of Speedos (yes, American friends, in the Queens English a Speedo comes in plurals. Like knickers. And lovers) just dandy.

Here’s a selection of fine Speedo shots (you don’t have to use the ‘s’ when it’s an adjective: that’s grammar and everything!) from L’Officiel Hommes. Which is a magazine. Like the yellow Lacoste ones. Might get us a piece of that. After the jump with you if you want more…

Don't worry, he's not dead Getting our noses in there We'll rub you in!
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2 comments to “Chadley White! On a beach! In trunks!”

  1. Me likey him.

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  2. Where’s his penis?

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