Ulrika Jonsson’s had another child. Poor sod.

Any dog in the street.

Ulrika Jonsson off-of dirty trout has given birth to her fourth child.

So that’s four children, with four different fathers.

We’re not ones to judge, but eugh.

Can we also remind you that Ulrika Jonsson doesn’t believe that two men should be seen kissing before the watershed. It’s important to keep up with these things.

Urika is, naturally, a bastion of morality.

Her husband (another poor sod) is said to be ‘in awe of his son’.

‘In awe of his son’? What, has it found a cure for cancer?

ps. We’d like to remind listeners that any dog on the street can procreate. Read into that what you will. In case you’re struggling, Ulrika‘s a dog.

The end.


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2 comments to “Ulrika Jonsson’s had another child. Poor sod.”

  1. Silly bitch.

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  2. I pity the poor man who has to put his penis inside of her baggy flange, whether it’s to procreate or otherwise.

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