Daniel Craig’s sliced his finger off. :-( What will he touch us up with now? Oh yes, that’s right.

Our boyfriend.

Daniel Craig yesterday chopped off a chunk of his finger on the set of the latest 007 filmic device.

*Offers shoulder/front bottom to cry on*

T’went something like this:

Daniel was filming Quantum of Solace at Pinewood Studios, London’s glittering Buckinghamshire, when he sliced the tip of one of his fingers off during an action sequence. How ‘citing.

The exact finger is not known.

Oh but you know what, it’s not the only accident of an accidental nature to befall Daniel on set. Last week a collision left a gash on his face, which required eight – yes, eight – stitches. We find that kinda sexy. And it’s not often we can say we find a gash sexy.

*has a funny turn*

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