Matthew Bourne + Oscar Wilde = naked gay men on stage = hooray!

Mmm, smells fresh yet slightly burger-y

You’ve got to hand it to choreographer Matthew Bourne: when it comes to getting fit young men’s panties off, it’s pretty hard to touch him.

For his latest trick, he takes a fascinating book by Oscar Wilde, remarkably short on cock in its original version, and somehow manages to wangle a scenario where the cocks come out and the cavorting begins. We salute him.

The production, no doubt ‘fascinating’ [Guardian] ‘thought-provoking’ [Telegraph] and ‘filthy and degenerate, the work of the devil himself’ [Daily Mail] has updated the story so the corrupted yet beautiful young man appears not in a portrait in the attic but in an ad campaign for a Calvin Klein-like fragrance.

It will no doubt hit all the right spots (and have you touching all of yours during the performance) when it premieres at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh on 22nd August before touring.

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