Hustlaball? Yes, ma’am!

You cumming? Sorry coming?

We won’t insult you by saying that Hustlaball in London tomorrow is the hottest ticket in town. Not when we all know it’s the ONLY ticket in town.

The cream (creme?) of the world’s porn stars will be down there at Area in Vauxhall shaking it for all it’s worth while the creme (cream?) of London’s gays will be down there watching, reaching out maybe, looking for love in all the wrong places.

And apart from the partying at Area, Ms. Susie Kruegar will be holding a complimentary Hustlaball Hard On at Depot. Festivities kick off at 10pm and some of your dollars will end up at the THT. Go here to find out more. And see you down there, you dirty, dirty people…

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  1. The only ticket in town? Makes me glad I’m not in London at the moment.

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