Baby love!


Now, it’s not often we go into a museum gift-shop and actually want anything (our days collecting rubbers and pencils are over and we’re still not into jewellery based on original Tudor brooches – but expect to be some time soon), but look what we found when we went into the Victoria & Albert Museum bookshop having just become officially obsessed with The Supremes (with and without Diana Ross) after the brilliant exhibition there. These badges!

What we love is not just how they’re taken from original sources, like the sheet music to ‘Stop in the Name of Love’, but how you can make your own group. We’re getting Florence to be lead singer and backing her up with ‘Diane’ Ross and Mary Wilson. Our only disappointment was that they seem to have sold out of Love Child T-shirts and we know a couple of bastards who could use ’em.

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  1. Really boring comment but I saw this exhib and it’s really REALLY good

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  2. Don’t over-‘really’ Adrian

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