Fag Hag Diary

Oh! Tuesday 

The Fag Hag couldn’t wait to get her fashionably trimmed fluro nails on a copy of OK! magazine today to witness the gathering of Plato’s Symposium in Italy, aka the Scousers getting hitched. 

J’adoring the sea of scally faces in their suits all looking like they’re in Liverpool Crown Court nervously awaiting the verdict on their GBH trial.

J’adoring Wayne’s mum almost getting it right with the spensive highlights but then ruining it all with those cheap water retention ankle straps.

But most of all, j’adoring… the list of chavetta names on the Table Plan. ‘Casey Rooney, Bridey Rooney’.

And finally the piece de resistance  ‘Fleurette Rooney’. Can I bet 100 of your English pounds that Fleurette has a fake ponytail and a ‘traveller’ tan? 

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  1. ‘Traveller tan’? Naughty

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