More bigger better Beckham bulges bouncing your way!

Bounce it on over, baby

That nice Mr. Armani – Georgie to us – has just announced that from tomorrow there will be a whole new range of Beckham bulges for to help a-flog his panties range. In fact, a mural-size picture of Mr. B will grace the wall at an amphitheatre next to Macy’s in San Francisco, where David will meet and greet 6,000 Armani underwear customers.

The new shots were apparently a). taken on a beach in Santa Monica b). taken by famous photographers (who we’ve frankly never heard of) and c). intended for use across sports and fashion magazines.

Our bottoms are hurting just thinking about it (to quote Madonna, before you think we’ve gone too far)! 

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  1. If it wasn’t David Beckham this picture would turn me on big style. But knowing it’s him and knowing where he’s been…

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