Gimme some of that tasty mayo!

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A little man-on-man action is the advertising world’s short-cut to maximum media exposure. The trick: to not put homophobes off the product while you’re at it. Hmmm. Now, how are they going to do that for Heinz?

Oh, yeah. Make one of the ‘men’ not actually a man, but a metaphor. Oh, you clevers.

In the new ad for Heinz Mayonnaise the conceit is that if you buy some of the white gunk it’ll be like having a New York Deli man in your own home. Much hilarity ensues when the kids refer to him as ‘mum’ but the real clincher is when he demands a peck before daddy goes to work.

See for yourself after the jump… 

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3 comments to “Gimme some of that tasty mayo!”

  1. I’d do him.

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  2. I saw this last night and laughed so hard I dropped my knitting.

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  3. I find that HOT.

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