*pick a key; altogether now* ‘Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen; Robin Hood, Robin Hood, bumming Sienna Miller… errrr… errr……… Band of men!’

Sienna, snoutin'.

Pretty song, non? Anyways, news reaches these dolly shores that Sienna Miller currently flogging The Edge of Love but running out of nice wee anecdotes about how well she and Keira Knightley get on whilst diverting questions about Rhys Ifans as well as lame questions from the likes of Lorraine Kelly, is to play Maid Marion in a new filmic versh of Robin Hood. This time it’s going to be called Nottingham. This time Russel Crowe’s playing The Sheriff of Nottingham. This time it may actually be not-bollocks. Elizabeth Mastrantonio did, however, have bouncy hair, we’ll give her that.


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