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There’s no getting away from Bruce Weber at the moment (not that you’d want to when he’s hanging around with spunks of this calibre!) First, they reissue his documentary on Chet Baker ‘Let’s Get Lost’. Well, we say ‘documentary’, the models BW brings in to populate the background kind of take away from the authenticity.

Then there’s a new Abercrombie & Fitch catalgoue on its way. Apparently.

Now he’s gone and done an extended set in W magazine. With Kate Moss. Oh, and some dogs. And of course boys in their underwear. Have a look at a couple more shots over the jump and get a link to a little video behind the scenes where designers get to say ‘What I’m really interested in is the process’. What the freak are you on about, love? 
Catch me, catch me What a funny bunny

And you can go here to see that little movie. 

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