A trailer with Bradley Pitt in it.

Enjoying the hair...

Some facts you may like to make a note of:

– It’s for the new film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. AKA A little moving picture we told you about a while ago. It’s all a bit Tim Burton, despite having absolutely jack-diddly-squat to do with Tim Burton.

– It’s about a bloke who ages backwards. Gutted. (No really, think about it. Why would you want to age backwards? It’s mostly just weird.)

– Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton and Julia Ormond are also in it. J’adore x3.

– Brad Pitt is generally regarded as hot. Now we just have an urge to say ‘cock’.

– And c) and d).

Watch the pretty pictures apres the jump…

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  1. Still, if you had to age backwards you’d want to go through a Brad Pitt phase wouldn’t you…

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