Alexander McQueen’s new shop in Los Angeles is dead nice.

'Get down from there, immediately!'

Innit though? It’s on Melrose Avenue, and was designed by William Russel off-of Pentagram, who also designed his stores in Milan, New York and London. That’s Big London to you. He’s also took his Crayolas out for the yet-to-open McQueen gaffs in Vegas, Moscow, Bahrain, Osaka and Vilnius. Vilnius?

Anyways, you’ll now find more pics of what Alexander McQueen’s shop looks like darrrrrn Los Angerlese way… Fun.

ps. That thing with its legs sticking out is by Robert Bryce Muir and it’s called ‘Angel of the Americas’. We’ll be the judge of that, etc. 

Silky, shiny and new. Where'd the tree come from? Curvy. Pretty.
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