Which clever global celebrity would open a hotel like this?

Can't stay away from you

Let’s look at the clues (said in a Lloyd Grossman Through the Keyhole accent).

– It’s called Costa D’Este, which is almost Spanish (that would be Costa de Este, ’cause they don’t do the apostrophe thing). 

– It’s not exactly in Miami but it’s just up the coast, before you get to Orlando. In Florida. 

– It’s the second hotel from this Latina lovely, who already has one in Miami and speaks Spanish.

Did you get it? Yes, it’s… 

Emergency (hairstyle) emergency

Yes, it’s this little lady. Not Sheena Easton, but Gloria Estefan with a lesbian haircut. Only she doesn’t have the haircut anymore.

The resort is a $50 million dollar investment for La Estefana and is on Vero Beach in Florida. Check it out here. Oh, and Glo is at Wembley on a long-awaited concert engagment on 10th September. So get out your cha-cha heels. 

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