Pop a question inside of a (Norwegian) famous – Annie. The results. Hooray!

Annie. Not the ginge one.

We were ever-so-nice and let you pop your questions deep withinside new Norwegian singing sensation Annie a wee while back. Norwegian singing sensation Annie obliged, and this is what she had to say on your matters plural. J’adore, btw.

Have you ever had a period in a swimming pool? Smalls
Period in a swimming pool? Yeah, but not like bleeding outside. I’ve been thinking about that a lot. When I have been up in the north in Norway they have this hunting of whales and you see these big whales and people stabbing them. They’re swimming around in blood. So I had been thinking that if I had my period in a swimming pool it would be like that.

Are you promoting adultery in your new single? SPITROASTY
Like porn? Oh, cheating. No, not cheating on my boyfriend. But I am wondering if the guy I fancy is a good guy or not.

Do you prefer Annie Lennox, little orphan Annie or Princess Anne? Claudia

Who is Princess Anne? Oh, the Queen’s sister? Oh, the redhead? Fergie? Oh, it’s not her. Shit. Well, I think it’s got to be Annie Lennox. I love ‘Talking to an Angel.’

When were you last so drunk that you were sick all over yourself? Nosey Parker
Well, I don’t really often get that sick, but I was in Berlin one morning and I wasn’t that drunk, well, okay, maybe I was. I always think I’m not that drunk, that’s the problem. I think I might have been throwing up a little bit.

Robyn says she could have you in a fight. What would be your special move? Robyn
I used to do karate for years. I am a green belt. You should be careful.

Are you headlining the lounge on the Sunday night at Glastonbury? How is the new material going to translate live? Chewer of Gum
Well, I think we are going to play… I think it’s going to be quite clubby and some of it is going to be a little more punky and not suit. But it really does suit… almost like a DJ gig how it mixes. We have four people, a drummer – he’s brilliant, he’s like a drum machine.

Are you working with Royksopp again? Anniefan
Maybe, we have been talking about it.

What is your favourite clothes shop? Anniefan
Maybe Pepper in Bergen. Both girls and boys stuff.

Will you ever do a full tour of the US? His Royal Flyness
Yes, I am coming out with the album in early autumn and I will be touring the UK and the US.

I once asked you which song off Anniemal you considered to be your new born child. Out of your new songs, which one would be his or her brother or sister? ICH
That’s a heavy question. I wrote the album over two years so I was working in a lot of different places. But I think one of my favourite songs would be ‘Marie Cherie’. I had this French period, I was very inspired by Serge Gainsbourg and a lot of French pop music. I think that is very special to me. I also like, ‘My Love is Better’. So those two songs really represent two different moods. I really like to write these quite heavy, sentimental songs and these more fun, straightforward songs. I feel like Michael Jackson with all these different babies.

Do you collect copies of your own records? And besides copies of records to DJ with, would you consider yourself a record collector? Calum
Yes, I am a collector. I haven’t really bought too many of my own. I get them for free. I love to buy records in London, there are so many good places, like Brewer Street.

What was it like working on ‘Hard Knock Life’ with Jay-Z? Ollie
Brilliant. He’s the best. What you don’t know is that I am also married to Jay-Z. Have we had a baby? Yes, she’s called Annie.

Who gave you permission to sample my song? Madonna
Well, when we did the song it was quite funny because it was the first song I ever did and I was listening a lot to ‘Everybody’. That was when me and my boyfriend started working together and we came up with this idea. It was just this sort of thing we did for fun basically. We didn’t think too much about doing it. And it got released on a 7” in Norway and it builded (sic. But cute, non?) up. It’s funny because Madonna did an interview with a Norwegian journalist. She’s having a break and she’s writing a message to her Norwegian fans and suddenly he says to Madonna’s assistant saying, ‘Well do you know this girl called Annie? Because she’s stolen this sample from Madonna on the Greatest Hit?’ Then he thought he could see me in a trial being sued for lots of money so he tried to roll away and talk about something else. Suddenly Madonna comes back and is like, ‘Here is the message…’ So I think she knows about it. It did get cleared, she gets money from it. So she knows about it.

Which flavour chewing gum are you singing about? Songbird
I think it must be Xtra – peppermint. It’s my favourite.

Do you have any tips on how to get chewing gum out of your hair? Songbird
Oh shit, I’ve had it in my hair a few times, it’s horrible. It’s good if you take some olive oil or something. It’s good if you take a comb to it and you go through your hair.

What is your favourite jacket potato filling? Ollie
I don’t do toppings just the potato. I like it very simple, maybe a little bit of butter and sweetcorn.

I think you would be good on ‘How to look good naked’ but only because you would look naked. Would you do a celebrity version for charity? Ollie
How does he know I look good naked? It depends which charity it was. My favourite charity? I’m not sure but it would have to be a lot of money given and it should be a damn good purpose. If it’s like saving the world I could do it.

Do you know Sia? DavidTwoTrees
Yeah, she, Australian, right? Yeah, yeah, I like her, but I thought it was C-i-a, no? Oh.

If you had to put someone in a bubble who would it be? Songbird
It depends where they would be going. I think that’s evil in a way. It would be somebody good. Let me think. That’s difficult. A crush? I fall in love with people every other day but then it disappears. Well, it’s not like it disappears, but then you meet a lot of great people and you fall in love with them because they are great. There would just be an empty hole in the bubble and people would come and go.

Annie’s cheeeenius new singlet, ‘I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me’, is out on July 7th. Oh, and here it is!

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