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In part *insert number* of our ongoing series, ‘Perving over people we’ve never heard of’, let’s look at pictures of someone we’ve never heard of in just his teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy swimming panties. Hooray!

Hmmmm, who could it be?

And what’s extra excitement about this particular and dare we say it riveting story, is that this hitherto unknown (he’s called Duda Nagle, btw. We know. It’s probably, like, the equivalent of John Smith in Brazil. Which is where he’s from. Oh and he’s an actor. God, this is turning into quite the investigative piece…) gennelman, is that he is with friends who are not only anonymous as far as we’re concerned, but also fairly easy on the ole googlies. Fun.

Check out (you know we hate saying ‘check out’, but it’s getting late of a Thursday and we overdosed on green tea at Itsu and feel a bit barfy) more pics of a touch-yourself-inappropriately nature after the jump… (more…)

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Honey, no!

Erm, where shall we start?

Now, we never have a bad word to say about Christina Aguilera… she was lovely when we interviewed her (tiny hands, feels the cold), her videos are raunchy, her songs gay friendly, her husband frankly inexplicable… She’s good people.

But bad frocks can happen to good people.

Exhibit A: this advert for Macy’s, the US store where if you hold a British passport you can get 11% off your purchases (only pants, mind, the rest is dodgy). Macy’s are celebrating 150 years of selling schmutter. And what better way to push the boat out than to get one of pop’s more stylish representatives to wear a truly dreadful bit of old nonsense. What is that maternity bra she’s got on? 

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Which A-list movie star is this emerging from the ocean all James Bond-like in a new ad?

Get you, Ursula Andress

The only clue we’re going to give is that the entire advert dodges the issue of whether this person is going bald or not by cropping his head below the hairline and putting him in silhouette like this so you can’t tell either way…

Yes, it’s Judith Law in the new telly ad for Dior Homme Sport. In which he is sporty in that he runs along a beach in white slacks.

See it over the jump, why don’t you?… (more…)

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Fergie is a prostitute!

Look at them lovely lady lumps

Hang on one bogey-picking moment, we hear you say. She may dress like a prostitute, act like a prostitute, sing songs about her lady lumps like a prostitute but she can’t be an actual, you know, lady of the night.

And you’d be right. She’s just going to be acting the part of a prostitute after some crazy think-out-of-the-box casting director looked at the part in the movie Nine (it’s a musical so run for your lives) and thought, ‘Hmmm, who would be believable as a cheap slut?’

‘She’s basically a prostitute on the beach,’ says Ms Fergie of Saraghina, the lady she plays. ‘She introduces [Daniel Day Lewis] to a world of sexuality. I’m just thrilled I get to play a character.’

So, a duet between Daniel Day Lewis and Fergie! We’re saying nothing. 

Actually, we are saying, ‘Oh, my god, it’s going to be messy.’ 

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Fag Hag Diary



The Fag Hag popped into me-me-me Towers yesterday to spread some love, glamour and herpes around (whatever happened to good old herpes? Fashion is such a fickle creature).

Before long I was introduced to a clever looking man who had been sat there talking a lot about ‘traffic’ and ‘hits’. Apparently he wasn’t a parking attendant though, he was a website professor. And he likes this site a lot.

‘Oh, well this is the Fag Hag!’ said a me-me-me person. ‘Oh,’ replied website professor, looking visibly thrown. ‘I thought it was a bloke.’ And he laughed. And we all laughed. Until I realised… There is actually a photo of me up there. Which means he thinks I’m a man. Oh. 

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Remember Steve off-of Beverly Hills 90210? The big blond one? Like, the one on the *double checks* right of this picture? Wanna see him with his top off? You do, btw…

A whole load of blond(e)

His real name’s Ian Ziering.

*makes a note of that*

And it’s quite the mystery to us how gennelmen like this have made a living all these years. Answers on a picture postcard, preferably with money attached.

So, like, jumpeth the jump for big tits formerly off-of Beverly Hills 90210… (more…)

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Riddle us this: What do you get when the guy behind the legendary Dieux du Stade hotness is let loose in a whole other calendar situation? Why, this, would you believe…

What? I always go out dressed like this.

Okay, so it’s not breaking any new ground and the thrill isn’t quite the same as seeing real-life Frenchy sporting types bouncing around in their birthday suits but, you know, this’ll do for now. By which we mean Fred Goudon (he shoots the Dieux du Stade calendars. Not to be confused with chicken goujons) and his Magnifique 2009 calendar (Baby Cheeses, is it that time already?) – in which hot gennelmen plural get wet in Speedos, generally speaking.

There’s another Speedos situ after the jump… (more…)

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Trackie bottoms are art!

Not afraid of colour

Anyone who grew up in the 80s can probably name the date that, for them, fashion died.

It was the date that instead of customising your own stuff – cutting coats in half, sewing on buttons made of five Franc pieces, putting a bit of sequin trim on your dad’s old suit trousers and maybe pinning some postcards of the Virgin Mary on your Levi’s jacket (and that was just us – so ahead!) – people started wearing trainers. And sweat pants. And T-shirts with Adidas logos on.

And it’s the crossover between sportswear and fashion that London’s perpetually glittering V&A is looking at in its ‘mazing new exhibition called, handily, Fashion V Sport.

OK, so the whole phenom goes back before Kappa, all the way to Coco Chanel herself in fact, but the bulk of the exhibition seems to feature stuff by newer designers, like an Adidas tracksuit by Jeremy Scott with graphics by Keith Haring off-of grafitti, a jersey jumpsuit from this year by Yves Saint Laurent and a rather lovely and bizarre tracksuit dress by Yohji Yamamoto.

Fashion V Sport runs at the V&A from next Tuesday until January and costs £5 to get into. 

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