Can we just say, what a knob!


And not in a good way.

He may be able to pull it back at Wimbledon from two sets down but what is that attitude?

What is that punching of air and baring of teeth?

What is that showing your bicep at the end of the game?

What is that horrible mum-in-leather-trousers?

What is that hair?

What is that sweatiness where he needs to wipe down at the end of EVERY SINGLE POINT? 

The man may be British – or Skwortish (he’s one of them that makes a point of it. Like, ALL THE TIME) – but come on Nadal in that quarter final… 

Oh, and vile Fulham types who go to Wimbledon in your baseball caps and Racing Green sensible trousers, is it sporting to boo a player coming back from his break and cheer a double fault? No, we don’t think so. 

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3 comments to “Can we just say, what a knob!”

  1. Ooh I’m glad it wasn’t just me. When they were booing that poor French guy and cheering every error and if he had the temerity to query a call! And you’re right: the crowd is a total bunch of south-west London twats. A vile spectacle.

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  2. Oh me too!!! I’m so glad you said that – he’s SUCH a twat!!!! Don’t care whether he’s British or not – he’s a cock and I so wanted the French guy to win. Frenchie was nice and gracious with ever such a lovely manner. And SO much hotter than that Andy Murray character.

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  3. I think we all know what isn’t being said here: why is anyone even watching tennis?

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