Does your mother know that you’re out?

S.O.S. - Sexy Old Seniors?! Aww, look at Meryl in her saucy red number with the belt, those glasses and that clutch at last night’s premiere of Mamma Mia! But who is that resting her bonce on Meryl’s ample breast-age? Oh, it’s everybody’s eccentric aunt, Julie Walters. How we heart these ladies.

Other stars, starlets and wannabes out on the blue carpet (yes blue, to evoke the spirit of the Greek islands or summin’ or nuffin’) yester eve for the premiere of the Abba musical – which can we say is really rather fantabulous – were Colin ‘we don’t get it’ Firth, Tom ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ Hanks and Pierce ‘sun damaged’ Brosnan.

Who knew Mr. Darcy was into his acid house?

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  1. Dame Julie Walters! Yey!

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