John Galliano. Not afraid of colour.

Nice bonnet.

Looking like a sartorial bumming sesh betwixt Carrie Bradshaw, Quentin Crisp and Haysi Fantayzee, John Galliano – as per – made us all do the work for him, working our back bottoms off as we did to actually decipher any real-life clothes in his Paris collection for S/S year of the baby Cheeses ’09. Wearable ones, that is.

So in the interests of fun, we’ve stripped the whole thing down to the bare essentials and brought you the most important elements of the show – boys in pants.

Jump Monsieur Jumpy to see what else we’ll be wearing down the Men’s Pond on Hampstead Heath come S/S 2009…

galliano4.jpg galliano3.jpg galliano1.jpg

*makes a note of that*

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3 comments to “John Galliano. Not afraid of colour.”

  1. Christ on a bike, it looks like a dressing up box just exploded on the catwalk. I will of course be buying some or all of the skimpies.

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  2. That reminds me, I must get a blue rinse to look more like Quentin Crisp….

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  3. fucking crap

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