London Pride? What a Shame!

Going to the dogs

So, once you’ve been up West to hurl rotten tomatoes at the Tory takeover of Pride (Boris Johnson and then Patti Boulaye – are they having a laugh?), where better to let off the rest of your steam and spend up any remaining testosterone than at Duckie’s annual Gay Shame event?

This year, returning to the Coronet in Elephant and Castle, the theme is masculinity. Beards are welcomed (on both boys and girls) while effeminate gays and women barely tolerated in an atmosphere that will be heady with Blue Stratos and BO.

Expect stalls where you can visit the butcher, have a fight with an Action Man or get a prison tattoo (we’re not making this up) and be ready to celebrate ‘fighting, fucking, football, boxing, boozing and betting’.

It may be called Gay Shame, but this is where the true spirit of Pride lives on.

Duckie, on the interdolly.

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2 comments to “London Pride? What a Shame!”

  1. Oh I’m going to this!!! I’m so looking forward to it I can’t tell you. I’m already getting a funny feeling down below…

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  2. I love ‘fighting, fucking, football, boxing, boozing and betting’. It makes me want to white wee all over myself.

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