This film looks, like, so cute…

S'weird, but s'cute.

And it has Lisa Kudrow in it, which is a total deal breaker-in-a-good-way with us.

And it’s called Kabluey. And it opens in NYC this weekend, LA the weekend after, and fuck knows when in Her Majesty’s UK of Britain.

Watch the trailer – IF YOU DARE! – after Jumpy…

Oooh ps. Kabluey est here on the interdolly. Hello.

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3 comments to “This film looks, like, so cute…”

  1. I love Lisa Kudrow. She is pure genius in Romy and Michelle.

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  2. But even more so in The Comeback. I don’t need to see that.

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  3. Saw this movie at the LA Film Fest last summer. It’s not very good, but Lisa is MAGIC in it. If you’re a fan, totally worth it.

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