Do we really need a new social networking site to steal precious hours of our young lives, least of all by this drunken joker?

Look! Weebles wobble and they do fall down So we hear that David ‘I’m big in Germany you know’ Hasselhoff has launched his new social networking site, imaginatively named Hoffspace.

It’s a place to celebrate the ‘legend’ that is The Hoff, but the fact that it’s run by the man himself, makes this proclamation of being a ‘legend’ somewhat… how can we put this… twatty.

The Hoff in all his curly haired, lumpen glory is currently in London townage to guest host Channel 4’s Sunday Night Project with the human grub Justin Lee Collins and our favourite, Alan Carr.

You can join the 7000-odd other folk on Hoffspace by visiting

Before doing that, let’s watch said ‘legend’ rolling around, scoffing Wendy’s and generally being a drunken Weeble-like ‘tard. It never fails to amuse.

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