Some Aunty Viv. Just coz. It’s also relevant.

Viv 'n' chums.

Not only is Aunt Viv Westwood’s ginge perm a hot look, ditto the Germaine Greer-esque all-in-one grey knit, but we like Vivienne’s hubster Andreas lurking out back with his come-to-bum-me eyes. Personage on the left is Ajuma Nasenyana. Trying saying that with a front bottom in your mouth. And Juergen Teller will be your photographer for this project.

This is the ad for Vivienne Westwood S/S ’08 Gold Label, by the way.

There’s another shot from it after the break. Enjoyeth.

Don't shoot moi!

Vivienne Westwood, on the interdolly.

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  1. I strongly disapprove of the use of guns in advertising but as that is such a nice frock I’m prepared to overlook it this once.

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