Honey, it’s this summer’s hot item!

Super hot

Spotted out on Saturday afternoon walking down glittering London’s Regent Street, Sir Ian McKellen aka Gandalf, wearing this season’s hot item, a ‘Some People are gay. Get over it!’ T-shirt as designed by… Oh, Warwick Worldwide. Isn’t that us?

See another shot of the Prime Minister mixing with ‘Some People Are Gay…’ wearers after the jump. Now where would I get me one of those…?

Red - so everyone's colour!

Get yourself one here

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3 comments to “Honey, it’s this summer’s hot item!”

  1. Gordon Brown’s gay.

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  2. no, but he does have a glass eye . OR DOES HE ?!


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  3. It is a fact. He does have a glass eye. I know, because I designed it and crafted it with my nimble hands.

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