Gay guinea pigs of the world unite, Uncle Bobby’s here!

Look at their little tuxedos! Soppy saps that we are, we love a good romance and they don’t come more soppy and sappy (and hairy) than these little loved up guinea pigs in new kiddies book Uncle Bobby’s Wedding. *squish squish*

The book, written by savvy lass Sarah S. Brannen, is an attempt to explain civil partnership to littleuns and not only is it cute, it’s informative and refreshingly un-patronising. Hooray. But as is usual with these things, there’s a concern that there could be outcry from parents when the book finally hits shelves. We all remember the fate of little Tango, the penguin raised by two daddies in And Tango Makes Three don’t we? Oh. Well, think Heinz Mayo advert in book form.

In the meantime, click on through to watch the joy that is a guinea pig turning circles for carrots and amusing hoots of ‘Yaaaaay’. J’adore…

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