John Galliano, the smell*

John? Jake? It's all pounds, shillings and pence to us...

Dear smelly watchers,

John Galliano’s releasing one. By which we mean a smelly.

The details are thus:

Release: 28th September

Olfactory things: Rose, lavender, bergamot, violet and amber.

Sex: Apart from yes please, ‘Female’. Not that that’ll stop anyone.

Ou se trouve: Harrods :-(

ps: The bottle’s gonna look like a pink Galliano gown, the eau de parfum’ll be available in three different sizes, and there’ll also be a shower cream, body lotion and body scrub-a-dub-dub,-three-men-in-a-tub.

*pps: We’re aware that isn’t a pink bottle resembling a Galliano gown up there; it is, however, Jake Gyllenhaal with his top off. And Jake sounds like John.

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3 comments to “John Galliano, the smell*”

  1. F-ha-hahaha-hahahahAAA. That really made me laugh. Oh the silliness. I quite like the idea of a Galliano smell, though. And if it smells girly I’ll probably wear it coz i’m a big girl’s blouse.

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  2. Doesn’t Jake’s bod look bummable up there.

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  3. Yes, Joan, and I enjoy bumming him every morning before work.

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