Anything Brangelina can do, Jordandre ™ can do better

Jordandre and famille Favourite couple Jordan and husband Peter Andre (see Jordandre) are apparently keen to adopt a child from the Third World (can we call it that nowadays?).

Like Brad and Angie, and Madge and whatshisface, the pair have been moved by the poor future facing many children in countries around the world. But Peter and Jordan have gone one step further, expressing ‘special’ interest in adopting a disabled child.

Already practised in the ways of coping with disability – what with Harvey’s autism and Peter’s deformed hair – they feel they’re equipped to welcome a new youngun into camp Jordandre but could wait for up to 18 months with legal umms and urrs. Wise considering nobody wants another Our Lord baby David thing to happen do they?

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  1. Jordandre? Hmm, that might be genius or shit. I can’t tell.

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