Raef off-of Apprentice new presenter on Ricardo and Judith

Yes we have a problem with the hair, but we're still fond of you Having been prematurely booted off The Apprentice by a gruff old cockerny who hasn’t manufactured anything decent since the 80s. (Amstrad? We haven’t used one of those since greedy fucker Pac-man was stuffing his fat face with those ghost things.)

So ickle unemployed Raef has been taken under the ample bingo wing of Judy and Richard of Richard and Judy fame, who are apparently keen to get the sexable-in-a-public-schoolboy type way Raef a presenting gig on their new show.

He’s set to make his debut appearance on their new digital show in Autumn – that’s Fall to some of you. Fall.

Just in case you forgot, here’s another reason why we heart Raef.

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