Where’s the block? Oh, ever there!

Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go rouuuund Yesteryore saw J to the Lo step out in what is known in the business as your nana Mable’s curtains in an exclusive photoshoot for Elle magoizine.

Primming away in her prom dress J.Lo managed to make her way all the way from the mysterious block from whence she came, to uptown Manhatten for the shoot which is the first since she popped twin sprogs Max and Emme in February.
What is it with twins in La La Land? Do they put something in the champagnoise?

Talking of twins we watched the film (yes, Twins) at the weekend, with Arnie and Danny at their comedy ‘best’. It reminded us of how hot Arnold once was – in a ‘hills are alive with the loosening of a lederhosen’ kind of way. Let us remind ourselves of said hotness, after the whatsit you excitable tykes…

You is fyne with a 'y' beehatch

As opposed to dada Arnie, pictured a while ago…

Well? Yay or nay?

You still would though wouldn’t you?

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  1. No me-me-me, no I wouldn’t.

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