Fag Hag Diary

gimme gimme gimme


For those of you mean bitched that forgot, it was the Fag Hag’s birthday last week. It was a booty feast of Beyoncé proportions and the fabulous donations to the Fag Hag Foundation were much appreciated – thank you for giving. Your contribution has helped on Fag Hag live life to the fullest for another year.

Fag Hag Sister got generous with perfume, and the Hoxton art: Fag Hag Dag got very generous with the clothing vouchers but less munificent with the second-had book from Oxfam covered in tea stains and published in 2001 (Ambassador – you’re so not spoiling us. Sort it out!) Fag Hag Niece, Mimi, doled out the bath salts and somewhat inexplicably the deodorant, whilst Fag Hag Best Friend Jane gave me a gorgeous bag and I have been flashing my Mui Mui ever since, darlings.

She also thre in the box set of Prison Break on oh my lordie – have I been missing out on a good thing! Wentworth – I wish to do terrible, illegal things with you. I must and will have you. People say you’re gay – but that just makes you even more perfect in my eyes. Lemme be your Fag Hag, please!

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