Another day, another Hollywood starlet launches a ‘singing’ career. We’ll be the judge of that!

Get down!

Now we don’t care what anyone says, we like Hayden Panettiere (if only her name was easier to spell).

Not only is she a superheroine for our times (she’s in Heroes, don’t you watch telly!?), she’s also got the chutzpah to go out swimming with dolphins to stop them dirty dolphin hunters slaughter them (for real! She was apparently on Japan’s Most Wanted list for a while).

And she still manages to be fun and kicky and spunky (we interviewed her. She was funny). And she gets to touch that co-star Milo fella inappropriately. Anyways, she is just launching her singing career (neither are we, Hayden) with a single that’s being used for an ad for Candie’s. Which we think might be clothes and not sweeties.

Anyway, here’s a snatch of it (after the jump). Tee hee, we said ‘snatch’… 

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