Bus pass? What bus pass?

Nice puppies Mezza The fact that Meryl Streep last night swish swished down the blue carpet for the US premiere of Mamma Mia! with full bappage on show and Dame Helen of Mirren got her rack out in that bikini earlier this week gives us much joy. We are very much hearting that actresses of a certain age – *gasp* over 25 – are getting their tits out and generally not confining themselves to a high neckline, a nylon trew and an orthopaedic shoe.Obviously senior citizen sexiness as demonstrated by the aforementioned ladies does not apply to Her Troutness here. *gag* Banging that lump of craggy wrinkle (aka Ulrika Jonsson in case your laziness didn’t click on linky) would be practically necrophilia.
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