You popped the ’em and Sharleen answered ’em…

Spiteri spits apparently Lovely persons that we are, we opened the door for you to pop your most intimates inside Sharleen Spiteri (you know, her off-of Texas and Alan Rickman). And lovely person that she is, Sharleen welcomed your advances with open arms. Read on for the dirt…

Why do you think Texas have been given such a hard time? Michael
Have they?

Do you think people will realise you always had a 60s thing going on or will they just think you are jumping on the Duffy bandwagon? Eat Cheese!
I don’t really care. Whatever. I think I know what I know. I know I’m not jumping on the bandwagon and anybody that knows anything, knows that I’m not.

Are you a lezzer? SPITROASTY
Am I a what? What a horrible word, a ‘lezzer’! No, I’m not. Have I ever ‘lezzerered’? No!

Who was your favourite wife of Henry VIII? Anne Boleyn
Was Anne Boleyn one of them? Yeah, probably Anne Boleyn. It’s just a fucking great story isn’t it? The Boleyn story.

Funny that you’ve gone solo when you’ve SEEMED solo for years. Diana, late princess of Wales
Yeah but when people hear this record they’ll realise it’s really really different.

You must have shitloads of money by now. What do you spend it on? Bernard
I don’t! I live a very nice life but you know what, one day I won’t be doing what I do and I’ll need to live. I’ll see if I can get employed after this, because I may need more money!

Do you still weather leather trousers? Mungous
The only time I wore leather trousers was in the Elvis video and I wore them on stage for the end of a show. Apart from that I’ve never worn them much really. How were they? Very tight!

If you were ‘careful what you wish for’, what would it be and why? Pilar Palabundar
I wouldn’t tell you because if you tell somebody your wishes, then they’ll never come true will they?

When you’re alone at home and don’t care what you look like, how do you wear your hair? John Frieda
I just wear it scraped back off my face. But I wear it like that going out as well. There’s not a real dfference with me whether I’m staying in or going out. I like it scraped back off my face. I’ve got a good bed head. I’ve usually got a bed head going on.

Have you ever spat at / on anyone (tenuous link to your name…)? Claudia
Yes, but it’s the lowest thing to do to someone. The lowest thing ever!

What’s on your bedside cabinet? And if you don’t have a bedside cabinet? Baggy Tights
Bottle of water, telephone, a Roberts radio. At the moment I just got a new book. I buy piles of books sometimes and there’s just piles everywhere. One of my friend’s bought me a thing where I get one book a month for the next twelve months for my birthday. So the most recent book’s always at my bedside.

Have you ever eaten haggis? Boy
No. I’m too scared to. I’ll probably be extricated from Scotland for saying that! I just don’t fancy it. I’ve had vegetarian haggis though.

You have to go on Britain’s Got Talent but you’re not allowed to sing – what would you do? Simon Cowell
Urm, I can juggle. I can dance.

If you’re feeling depressed, what do you do to cheer yourself up? Bi Polar

At the Live 8 concert at Murrayfield, you told the crowd ‘This isn’t about big stars. This is about you, the people’. Are you not one of the people? say what you want
I am one of the people, but what I meant was people that change things. We can never change things on our own, we can try, but it’s like that Ant story [Antz] or A Bugs Life or whatever in that you all come together. A million voices are a lot louder than one. So the message was put out there and it was like, We need everybody here to back this up. But I will always be one of the people.

What advice would you give to a washed-up one hit wonder and piano player? Beverly Craven
[Seemingly eternal pause!] I don’t know. Get a new job Beverly!

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  1. Oh I love Sharleen!

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  3. Crikey, I feel like she slapped me in the face. I’m a bit turned on.

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