Crash, bang, sock, biff, bam, zap, crunch, boff, zowie, bang – Batman’s back

Even your slight speech impediment doesn't put us off Being the special people we are (and that’s special in the peeled grapes and mineral water baths sense, not the gah-gah gurgle-gurgle sense) we have already seen The Dark Knight and can we say. Yes. Yes. And more yes.

It isn’t because Heath Ledger’s dead so we have to like the film (as if we’d be so kind). It isn’t even because Christian Bale is exquisitely humpable and we’d love any old shit he’s in. It is plain and simply a fantabulous movie and may we say a little scary – we were found hiding behind our dolly Haribo Star Mix on more than one occasion.*Eek*

Story wise monsieur ‘Hay’ Bale is back in that snug bat suit *claps hands in excitement* to fight laughing menace the Joker (‘Hampstead’ Heath Ledger), while supporting law man Harvey Dent – the large jawed, bum chinned beauty Aaron Eckhart – in his campaign to clean up the streets of Gotham. It’s all very noble and – provided you’re not distracted by Christian’s newly grown mole-thing a la Jonathan Ross – makes compelling viewing.

It broke all kinds of ‘biggest box office success ever in the history of films ever released in the world ever in the States ever’ records over the weekend, has its premiere in London’s glittering Leicester Square this very eve and is released in cinemas on Thursday so go see.

Fin. End. Run along now.

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3 comments to “Crash, bang, sock, biff, bam, zap, crunch, boff, zowie, bang – Batman’s back”

  1. I also noticed the mole growth thing! Perhaps he’ll get it removed and it will be up against Heath for a posthumous Oscar.

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  2. Oh I’m SO excited about this film I can’t tell you. Even though I just did.

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  3. Ooo … fame claim … my friend designed that mask. Ain’t he good?

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