Hasn’t our boyfriend caught the sun!


Our boyfriend – name unknown (we prefer to keep it that way) – has been out in the sun again. Tsk, etc. I lido full of Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Serum ain’t ever gonna sort that amount of sun damage out. He’s also, it seems, moonlightin’ for Ed Hardy in a modelling capacity, at Miami Fashion Week. Seriously, tell us next time, will you!

After the break, there’s a picture of another gennelman – again, name unknown – who bums us when Boyfriend #1 is unavailable for comment. 


*suggests a group scenario*

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2 comments to “Hasn’t our boyfriend caught the sun!”

  1. Can I join your ‘group scenario’?

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  2. I’m not liking the lack of package on show in boyfriend number 1. Must try harder.

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