Oh hello there little wet man

Knock knock, can we come in? We never need an excuse to post a picture of a nice looker in the nuddy, but today we’ve got a pretty good reason.

It’s been revealed this very day that a new drug to fight prostate cancer has been declared a huge success during clinical trials. It specifically treats those with advanced cancer, which kills 12,000 in the UK every year :-(

Sean Farris, of above delights, is one of the many lovely celebrity types who have thrown their threads to the ground in aid of Cosmopolitan’s centrefold campaign for the Everyman cancer charity. Let’s have a little reminder of a few of the others shall we?

Oh hello.

and again.

and whoopsie, we had an accident.

*cleans up*

For more information on the business of prostates, self-examinations and men’s health generally, visit the Everyman interweb site here.

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  1. He is in me right now.

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  2. That water’s, like, magic.

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