G-A-Y is G-O-N-E

Pink to make the boys wink

Contain yourselves, people… this Saturday sees the last ever G-A-Y at The Astoria in London’s (not-so-) Glittering Charing Cross Road!

That’s right. No more gay teenagers high on alcopops. No more sticky carpets. No more wafts of chip fat from the fryer across the dancefloor. No more Lisa Scott Lee actually making the VIP balcony. No more performances from dance bands you know only one song from (OK, and no more great fun nights out watching Madonna or Mariah or Kylie perform…)

The Astoria is being knocked down (the bricks ground down, Native Americans brought in to smudge the ambience clean of the spirits of boys in Topman face down in their own soil) to make way for Crossrail (if Boris doesn’t ban it, that is) and G-A-Y are throwing the party of all parties starring (among other very secret guest stars) Sam Sparro. Whom we j’adore.

The Astoria is opposite Centrepoint at the top end of Charing Cross Road. Arrive early as that queue tends to build up.

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2 comments to “G-A-Y is G-O-N-E”

  1. Good riddance says I.

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  2. Where will they hold the STEPS reunion? Lisa Scott-Lee please call the mayor.

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