Because Amy Winehouse really does look like this…

Where's the crack pipe?

Oh look, it’s Amy Winehouse with clear skin, flesh on her bones, hair that doesn’t look like it’s falling out of a mattress and no crack pipe… Woss going on?

It’s not really her, silly. It’s a waxwork facsimile of the Back to Crack singer unveiled (do they really have a veil, do you think?) this very day of our Lord at Mme. Tussauds.

Publicity-hungry dad, Mitch (don’t you love that we all know her dad’s name?) said that he was going to trade the real one in with this model, before, joking aside, saying that she was actually doing really well and was eating and… Sorry, love, we stopped caring about this particular car crash back in 1922.

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One comment to “Because Amy Winehouse really does look like this…”

  1. I wish you’d replaced the microphone with a cock. That kind of thing appeals to the child in me – not in a noncey way you understand.

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