Friends of Dotty come together!

Toto, we're not in north London anymore!

London’s glittering South Bank, Her Majesty’s Royal Festival Hall no less (well, the Clore Ballroom bit), will be playing host to a celebration of all things Oz this Friday in the esteemed company of Jonny Woo, Laquisha Jonz, Lorraine Bowen (aka The Queen of the Casio Organ), Kandi Kane and David McAlmont (so you know it’s going to be a dolly old affair!)

Presiding over the festivities will be one Dame Amy Lame (that last ‘e’ should have an acute accent but we can’t find it on our keyboard). It’s a night of no doubt very twisted cabaret with swathes of blue gingham, the odd ruby Dolcis sandal and maybe even a dog.

We’re going as Diana Ross in The Wiz aka a very old lady skipping. It’s starts at 10pm (so they’ll all be half gone) and is absolutely free to get into. Are they mad?

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  1. What is it with the gays and the Wizard of Oz. I totally don’t get what the gay angle is. there’s not even any hot men in it apart from the Munchkins.

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