Goodbye, ma!


It’s the end of an earhole, everybody. Things will never be the same again. Estelle Getty (not to be confused with either the woman who sings ‘American Boy’ or the man who has left his wife for Sienna Miller) has died. Carked it. Bitten the dust. Just plain gone. And we feel thusly. :0(

Estelle, as you well know if you’ve ever bunked off work, played Sophia Petrillo, the hard-bitten Sicilian bitch mother on Golden Girls (not to be confused with Sex and the City), the one with a cross-dressing son (not to be confused with her daughter Dorothy) who was never short of a story about the old country.

She had dementia, was 84 and we loved her right dear, we did. Feel free to use our comments bit over the jump as a Book of Condolence. You know, like Tesco set up for the late Princess of Wales when she careered to her death with that dirty Fayed person.

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2 comments to “Goodbye, ma!”

  1. RIP Estelle! This is sad. Watching Hangover TV on Living will never quite be the same…

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  2. I’ve got ‘Thank you for being a friend’ stuck in my head now. Better than ‘Mooooonpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig dot com’, mind. Or, ‘legs, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes’.

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