It’s Speedos, it’s madness… it’s Speedos madness!

Top or bottom? (Board, that is. Honestly.)

Hello. We like hot gennelmen in Speedos as much as the next Pope, so it is for that reason and that reason alone that we are showing you these pictures from the *checks notes* 3 meter men’s synchronized diving competition at the US and A national meet at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Centre, Pasadena, California. Snappy. If we were doing it for any other reason, that’d make us gay. And we couldn’t handle the responsibility right now. Ask us again later, though.  

There are more pics of hot gennelmen in Speedos after the jump. NB. We hereby cannot be held responsible for any white-weeing that occurs as a result of our actions, etc.

Isn't he broad! Think good dive, think good dive... Ready, steady... BUM! Whatcha lookin' at?

*cums a bit*

We got these velly nice pictures from Out Sports, btw. Thankings. And thankings once more.

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More dolly #content:

3 comments to “It’s Speedos, it’s madness… it’s Speedos madness!”

  1. The gentleman facing, in the last pic, obviously likes what he’s seeing

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  2. You can see the exact outline of that gennelman’s penage. It’s an outrage. *calls Heinz to have it banned*

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  3. The top one’s holding the condom packets from our last bumming sesh. He likes to keep Britian/the US tidy like that.

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