Panic not, people – they are still of this mortal coil.

Go sisters!


Riddle us this:

Bullfighting = Retarded and cunty.

Oh, not a riddle at all, then.

PETA also agree, which is why some of their members took to the streets of *checks press release* Mallorca to protest against the dirty and cowardly sport of bullfighting, by lying down and pretending to be maimed in much the same way as the bull would be in the dirty ring.

Now don’t get us wrong – we loveth a Spaniard (not all, mind. The last three times we went our mobile telephonic devices were cruelly robbed from us, and someone in this orifice currently has what can only be described as an upleasant itch after liaisons plural with a gay off-of Spain) – but we don’t loveth submitting one of Santa’s own creatures to a slow and torturous death just for the ‘entertainment’ of a bunch simple minded folk. Oh but oooh, take heart, animal lovers – recent polls suggest 72% of Spaniards show no interest whatsoever in bullfighting, and Barcelona did declare itself an anti-bullfighting city back in 2004. So, you know, hooray!

Let’s now look at a Spaniard with his kit off…

Javier Bardem off-of Spain.

That’s Javier Bardem, that is.

Oh hola.

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4 comments to “Panic not, people – they are still of this mortal coil.”

  1. I’d bum Javier ragged. And let him ditto me right back.

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  2. Oh j’adore indeed Javier.

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  3. I don’t get Spain. They make primates equivalent to humans in terms of rights but still allow bullfighting.

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  4. Hello Javier !
    HOT latin man. This is what men should look like (real) not pumped not plucked not shaved
    all natural 100% secure and free.

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