Why can’t our local baths look like this?

Ooh, tranquil.

Well, to be fair, our local swimming emporium ain’t that bad, but we bet you won’t get a Mickey Mouse plaster stuck between your thighs mid-front crawl in this new bathing complex in Le Havre in Franceland, as designed by Jean Nouvel off-of famous architect. Well, to be fair, it ain’t a Mickey Mouse plaster you get stuck between your thighs neither but this is a family show, people.

Anyways, Jean Nouvel’s fancy baths in Le Havre are dead nice. Clean lines and a whole load of white on white on white and a funny coloured bit that looks like fun and whirlpools and lap pools and just pools and men in trunks – we can’t believe someone hadn’t thought of just such a concept before.

There are more pictures apres le jump. And this is Jean Nouvel on the interdolly. Talking of whom, he’s designed a new retail/office complex next to London’s glittering St. Paul’s which is, if we’re being honest about these things, a bit shit. And we know we can say that coz we asked someone who writes about architecture for a living what our official opinion on the matter should be, and he said, and-we-quote, ‘it’s a bit shit’.

Two neutrals and a splash. Not quite Oasis Sports Centre, Covent Garden, is it? That man's a bit fuzzy.
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  1. Do they allow petting and bombing?

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