A piss-head shrew – any excuse for a cute pic

A shrew after our own heart So apparently we humans might have evolved from this. If only we’d kept the adorable quill-like tail. S’cute, no?

Anywho, this little pen-tailed tree shrew might explain why us people folk have a taste for an alcoholic beverage or ten of a weekend slash whenever it takes our fancy.

Said adorable creature is one of the few animals known to gorge on alcohol – in shrewy’s case, provided by fermented fruit on trees and not dusty shelves in Threshers.

The miniature critters have had 55 million years of evolution to adapt to their boozy lifestyle and can down the equivalent of nine glasses of wine without so-much as a stagger into loos/inappropriate grope/vomit into a handbag/fall asleep on night bus scenario. Lucky bastards.

Here is a picture of a shrew with a funny nose.

How does he smell? Bad. *tee hee*

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5 comments to “A piss-head shrew – any excuse for a cute pic”

  1. Funny!

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  2. I like how his eyes are like he’s on drugs too. This is one hard-core shrew.

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