When news is slow, revert to a story about hair…

Asked for a 'Rachael off-of Friends' cut but it went wrong

Agyness ‘overrated much?’ Deyn has had a haircut. This is apparently newsworthy. Personally we found GMTV’s ‘my child might have been groomed by a sex pervert but probably wasn’t’ story of last week more interesting – which is saying something – but different strokes and all that.

We’re covering AD(HD)’s hair because it jogged a long buried memory involving our troubled yoot – specifically the days when mumsy used to put the bowl over our head, cut the hair around it, slap us when we fidgeted and washed our mouth out with soap when we told her to fuck off. Ah, happy days.

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2 comments to “When news is slow, revert to a story about hair…”

  1. Agyness Deyn is like an ugly boy I used to go to school with who always had green snot and blew bubbles out of his nose. True story.

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  2. Is that Bert from Sesame Street she’s with?

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