Olympics = Soon = Excuse to show pictures of this nature = Hooray.

Touchin' moment.

The circumstances surrounding these pictures are neither here nor there. ‘There’, however, is a Decathlon love-in in Austria, and ‘here’ is a semi. In the tumescence sense, not -detached house sense.

There are more pictures of this ilk after the jump. Make room, people, make room…

Sneaky peek.

Honey, we know how you feel.

Owcha Magowcha

*touches self inappropriately*

Pictures from here, btw. Thankings.

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  1. chas and/or dave says:

    Why does mister top totty have freakishly white feet?

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  2. I would bum in the following order:
    And three’s only last place coz I can’t really see his face. Ditto number two, actually.
    But number two pipped number three because of that saucy little hint of butt cheek.
    But seriously, No. 4 – come to momma!

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  3. dadmantomm says:

    he has white feet due to wearing sgoes—–

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  4. chas and/or dave says:

    What are sgoes?

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