Trackie bottoms are art!

Not afraid of colour

Anyone who grew up in the 80s can probably name the date that, for them, fashion died.

It was the date that instead of customising your own stuff – cutting coats in half, sewing on buttons made of five Franc pieces, putting a bit of sequin trim on your dad’s old suit trousers and maybe pinning some postcards of the Virgin Mary on your Levi’s jacket (and that was just us – so ahead!) – people started wearing trainers. And sweat pants. And T-shirts with Adidas logos on.

And it’s the crossover between sportswear and fashion that London’s perpetually glittering V&A is looking at in its ‘mazing new exhibition called, handily, Fashion V Sport.

OK, so the whole phenom goes back before Kappa, all the way to Coco Chanel herself in fact, but the bulk of the exhibition seems to feature stuff by newer designers, like an Adidas tracksuit by Jeremy Scott with graphics by Keith Haring off-of grafitti, a jersey jumpsuit from this year by Yves Saint Laurent and a rather lovely and bizarre tracksuit dress by Yohji Yamamoto.

Fashion V Sport runs at the V&A from next Tuesday until January and costs £5 to get into. 

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